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The best brand films start with a great story.
It may sound obvious but like any great story,
they need a beginning, a middle and the end.

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Brands & Stories is a carefully crafted brand storytelling service from
the house of PickleMonk Advertising.

Our vision is to blend your brand and its story and trend it as your Brand Film.

Why just "out of the box', when you can "step out of square", sounds fair?
What is Brand Story?
A brand story is a composite recital that comprehends the facts and feelings that are created by your brand. A brand film digitally verbalizes your brand value. Things that can influence your brand include your product, price, history, quality, marketing, in-store experience, purpose, values, location and–most crucially–what other people say about you.

Why Brand Story?
Isn't it fascinating to let the market know "why" your business strives, sustains and shines.
A brand story defines your purpose, edifies your path, serves as a parable. We"ll help you tell your story. Let your story tell who you're.
The right brand film can tell a story about your brand that will resonate deeply with your target audience and convert them into loyal fans.
Our professional story telling experience
will enhance your marketing goal.
Brands & Stories
by Pickle Monk Advertising

Our Approach to
Rock Your Business

In our pre-production process, we listen to your story, research on the facts that encompasses your brand,
get the inside view and record the user experience. We prepare the canvas to paint with all the colours of your journey.
Like a palette of colours we put together all the factors that determine your brand presence, it's sentiments and secrets. And we give them an artistic blend with our professional story telling. We construct the screenplay to let it cater the crux of the story seamlessly.
The beauty of film making resides in the magical transition from script to screen. Frame by Frame we vow to wow you by presenting your own story in a different experience. Your story is now been told in a way only you would know. These colors on canvas are here to stay, forever.
Why Us

The reasons to choose us as Your Brand Story Partner.


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Our Approach For


When we were approached to produce a video commemorating the 40 years of SARU group of institutions we insisted it be done as a musical to cash-in the emotions the brand has strongly built. We decided to capture original actions instead of scripting an enactment. At that point, it became a Brand film rather than a routine AV.

We inducted the idea of an alumni cherishing the long lasting memories and the institution on one hand and made students and teachers do what they do on a regular basis and captured them vividly. This brought the best in them and filled the screen with real emotions.

The lyrics and screenplay were constructed consciously to deliver some connection to the viewers rather than unrealistic tall claims. The musical approach helped combine the audio visual appeal

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